• Vision

    There is a growing need in our society to learn about embodiment, healthy sexuality and conscious relating.

    Current teachers and content offerings in the field are not organized yet in an easily accessible platform that allows quality content and discoverability.

    By uniting the many experts in these fields we hope to create a global movement of awareness to create a positive shift in how we treat our bodies and each other.

  • Why is reLove an app?

    The trend of consuming content on mobile devices is growing. Wellness apps are becoming increasingly popular.

    Love is a big topic, so we use the methodology of Microlearning: short easily digestible pieces of information fit for the mobile user.

  • Is reLove free?

    Yes. Both for the teachers as well as the users.

    We believe spreading knowledge is key to making the world a better place to live in.

    The main mission of the platform is discovery, so teachers will gain more exposure for their work and attract larger and more diverse audiences.

    However, we plan for teachers to upload premium content so they can also earn income from the platform if they choose to.

  • Is the content I submit to reLove exclusive or can I use it elsewhere?

    reLove is based entirely on good will. All content is non-exclusive.

    You can use it anywhere you want, we take no rights on your content.

    You may remove any of your content any time.

  • Can I make money from reLove?

    Yes. You can upload premium content to reLove and sell it directly to reLove users.

  • Can I add my videos to reLove?

    Yes! We are happy to add quality content from you.

    Please fill your details in this form and we will get back to you:

  • Application form
  • What are the guidelines of submitting content to reLove?

    Content you send to us has to adhere to Apple and Google policies.

    Make sure your videos have a good quality of sound and picture.

    We can also help you with filming in different locations around the world.

  • I love this initiative! How do I support reLove?

    Thank you for showing your support!

    You can support this project growing by becoming a supporter on our patreon page.

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